Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday Reminders. (17.1.14)



- Statistics Finish the examples on Histograms.

- Statistics finish all examples up to pg 30 
- And prepare for page 31-35 

- Statistics Example 13,14

- Probability ws 13.3 (even) By the end of motivational camp


- Holiday Homework.
- Look up and do the gas mask task for the Atmosphere ws. 

- Do the assignment given today and finish up the Atmosphere ws when Mr Ke posts up the filled up version.

Bring your LD


Physics Wb (Static Electricity) 

Section A : All 
Section B : All except Q6 & Q8 
Section C : Q1 

By Thursday 16 Jan. Pass it to Gladys

Spa Ws to be completed.


- Holiday homework ( Lorms questions ) ASAP.
Upload to the new google drive in your email. 

Social Studies 

- Bring your Sec 3 SS textbooks 
- Word Cloud assignment on Google+
- Check Google +


- Holiday hw comprehension ws ( Fast Food , Gan Eng Seng School )
- Reading journal for wk 1 (hand in asap).
- Bring the DIE book answer sheets to Jovan.

- Compre Worksheet that was given recently


- For normal Chinese get your purple files ready with the dividers for 5 sections.
 ( At least 2 apparently )

- Sign the SpM form and Motivational Camp consent form and hand 
it in to Daniel. 

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