Wednesday, 15 January 2014

PHYSICS 15/01/2014

Some points to note
- Don't draw the charges on objects if they are neutral
- The movement of electrons generates electric current not electric charges
- In the van de graaff sphere, the teeth does not comes into contact with the conveyor belt, it is only in close proximity where the moving air sweeps the electrical charges onto the belt
- Attraction and repulsion does not occur because of the difference in charge. Attraction occurs due to unlike chargers while repulsion occurs due to like charges

 Van de graaff sphere
Experiment involving the paint coated styrofoam ball
- The van de graaff sphere is negatively charged while the styrofoam ball is neutral but due to the conducting layer coated on the styrofoam ball, electrons are able to flow.
- The negative charges and positive charges are separated from each other, when the van de graaff sphere comes close to the ball, the negative charges will attract the positive charges while repelling the negative charges to the far end of the styrofoam ball causing it them to attract.

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