Friday, 3 January 2014

Weekend Task for the class

1. Class Motto / Theme 

2. Class Goals 

3. Class Rules/ Code of Conduct

4. Theme for Class Decor


  1. 1. Class Motto / Theme

    Strive for success

    2. Class Goals

    Be united and help each other.

    3. Class Rules/ Code of Conduct

    Be responsible and punctual.

  2. hi! here's my suggestion:
    motto: "veni vidi vici." [this is a latin phrase translated to "I came, I saw, I conquered.", and i'm sure we can use this to motivate ourselves]
    class: we will ace all our exams this year as well as have fun~
    rules: - being disciplined in our actions and showing respect to our peers and all staff in SST. It can be done by
    • not causing disruptions or distractions during class, all chit-chat can be done during break or after school
    • being punctual to all classes outside the classroom environment and of course, for the morning assembly

  3. Motto: ERROR 404 FAILURE NOT FOUND (our drive for success)
    Goals: To become bonded with each other.
    Exercise self control.
    Have a positive attitude

  4. Motto: Knowing our weaknesses is better than just knowing our strengths.