Saturday, 15 February 2014

Friday Reminders. ( 14. 2.14 )

Week 6 

(Level Test - Week 7-8)



Assignment (circles ws) Q1 - 9 by Monday

Math File(Orange arch) with the content page (shared on google doc from Mr Wee) 

Math Plane Geo Pg 6 (Hw Qn1 - 4) on foolscap by Monday

Circles ws 

*Math remedial on Monday (Free For All)

*There will be Coordinate Geo test next monday and 4 tests on statistics the following 4 days. 



Self studying for chemistry with the ws that was given and other resources shared today,



Physics wb ws 17 on current electricity by next Monday.




Social Studies 

Case Study ws ( SBCS 4.1.3 ) by next Monday

Correction Ws on diagnostic test by tomorrow



Corrections of Diagnostic Test 

Hand in all the weekly ws that you was overdue to Jovan ASAP.



视而不见  - There but did not notice or see

次以为常  - Take it for granted

不务正业 - Not having a proper job or not concern of ones responsibilities 

不胜枚举 - Too much to count

按步就班 - Follow proper procedure

百年树人 - referring training and education being a challenging lifelong process

败则不饶 - Not to back down from repeated failures

班门弄斧 - To show off ones talent to an expert

半途而废 - To give up halfway 

怀弓蛇影 - Very suspicious 

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