Monday, 17 February 2014

Monday Reminders. ( 17. 2.14 )

Week 6 

(Level Test - Week 7-8)



Math File(Orange arch) with the content page (shared on google doc from Mr Wee) 

Circles ws Math Plane Geo Pg 6 (Hw Qn1 - 4) on foolscap by Monday

*There will be Coordinate Geo test tomorrow and 4 tests on statistics the following days. 


Self studying for chemistry with the ws that was given and other resources shared today,



Physics wb ws 17 on current electricity by Monday.



1. Check Google Drive: look for "Geography" folder
2. You should have 4 files inside. 
3. Open up "Describing Tourism Trends"
4. Read the first page on how to describe trends and the descriptive words you can use
5. Complete the practice question on Pg 2. Screenshot of the doc attached.

By tomorrow

Social Studies 

Case Study ws ( SBCS 4.1.3 ) by next Monday

Correction Ws on diagnostic test by tomorrow



Hand in all the weekly ws that you was overdue to Jovan ASAP.



视而不见  - There but did not notice or see

次以为常  - Take it for granted

不务正业 - Not having a proper job or not concern of ones responsibilities 

不胜枚举 - Too much to count

按步就班 - Follow proper procedure

百年树人 - referring training and education being a challenging lifelong process

败则不饶 - Not to back down from repeated failures

班门弄斧 - To show off ones talent to an expert

半途而废 - To give up halfway 

怀弓蛇影 - Very suspicious 

不翼而飞 - Disappear without a trace

不自量力 - Overestimate one's ability

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