Friday, 14 February 2014

Group 4 (Yong Jie, Yi Xian, Max) TOTAL D FENCE

1) What values and attitudes were demonstrated by the Singapore community a decade ago during the SARS outbreak? What is the importance of such values and attitudes to our society?

The hospital nurses were confident, determined and supportive in helping the people get back up in shape despite the large number of hospital patients with the dreaded illness. These values ensure that we are united as one so that we can overcome obstacles together. They also displayed professionalism by continuing to do their job well without fearing that they might be infected by SARS.

2) How can ordinary citizens like you play your part in defending Singapore in such a situation?

We could give one another moral support to ensure the people will have the determination to recover despite the mass pandemic. We could also show one another compassion to those who are ill, such that they will feel better. If you have excess masks, help out those who do not have masks by giving away the masks to those who do not have it.

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