Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tuesday Reminders. ( 4. 2.14)

Week 4 

(Level Test - Week 8-9)



Math Construction Ws try out the practice questions ( You should have 3 of those ws ) & all other ws that you still owe HK. All by this Friday

S.D Pg 58 example 30 ( Set B) -> Use both the table and long method

Check Math blog for more info.



Look up and do the gas mask task for the Atmosphere ws and complete the ws. The slides are in your sst email.

Energy Changes Homework ( MCQ 1,2,3,4,7 )( Short Structured 1, 2a&c , 3a&c )





Group Work on Tourist Itinerary 

Social Studies 

Check Google +

Complete the error correcting ws on diagnostic test. By next lesson.



English Visual Text. (Answering of questions)



视而不见  - There but did not notice or see

次以为常  - Take it for granted

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